Sleep Therapy and Medicine for those with CFS

Getting eight hours of sleep a day is a normal and habitual routine with those who do not suffer from any type of sleeping disorder. Sadly, those who have CFS or any other form of sleep disability are often hard-pressed to get even four hours.  Others who get 8 hours of sleep still feel exhausted afterwards as if the sleep didn’sleep-psychiatryt help them at all.  This can be very challenging as it leads to a decrease in energy throughout the entire day.  Having enough sleep and feeling rested is crucial to life in order to perform daily activities and chores or go to work and take care of the children.

Many people have tried prescription medication or other advice from their family doctor which has simply not worked. Fortunately, there are specialist sleep psychiatrists who are trained to treat individuals who suffer with issues involving their sleep patterns and prescribe Sleep Medicine if needed.  These psychiatrists are able to identify the root of the problem by engaging in a process of diagnosis to find out if the problem is somehow related to the brain patterns of the person struggling to sleep comfortably.  While some patients have experienced difficulties sleeping their entire lives, others have what we call “Situational” disorders that have been triggered by some form of recent event causing the individual to have difficulties sleeping. This is most common after some form of loss.  If a person recently has lost a loved one or even is suffering through a divorce, they may begin to have troubles sleeping. If the issue is not resolved healthily and with an experienced psychiatrist, the patient can often be prescribed a heavy drug to force them to sleep and will then become reliant upon this medication without actually solving the root of the problem.

Other individuals have suffered with sleep problems their entire life and in the worst case, known as insomnia which is the inability to sleep.  Several well-known psychiatrists offer intensive courses that offer one-on-one help between the psychiatrist and patient to get an understanding of why the individual is unable to sleep.  Not only is it important to understand if there are any situational factors playing a part, but also it is important to undergo cognitive behavior therapy to see if there is any sort of cognitive issue leading to the difficulties in sleeping.  The therapist will also ask the patient to keep strict records of their sleeping patterns each night and record them in a “log” to allow the therapist to see any improvement as the course goes on.  The idea is to resolve the issue at its very heart so that the patient will be able to leave the therapy maintaining their new level with the minimum amount of drugs or pills as possible.

Toothaches a Common Issue for People with CFS

So very regularly I encounter people who have cfs and are constantly discussing how much their teeth hurt and that it doesn’t matter how many painkillers they take, they have constant aches in their mouths and gums which also leads to further disruption in sleep.  At first I just thought it was a common coincidence but shortly after realized there was a common thread with all CFS sufferers having issues with their teeth and mouths.

Many leading dental researchers suggest that toothache can actually be a leading cause of chronic fatigue syndrome because people who have horrible pains in their mouths are much less likely to sleep.  Especially with dental bills and medical insurance being so expensive in our nation, it’s often that people are not able to afford the various dental procedures to help fix their teeth.  Root canals are particularly expensive and if you need a serious operation or procedure such as this, you will be unable to sleep for a long time unless the procedure gets done.  Dental researcher James Eaton, now an Dentist in La Mesa CA contributes a lack of calcium to be one of the leading causes of teeth aches and pains. Eaton recommends that patients eat foods that are high in calcium to help protect the enamel, which is the outer layer of the teeth.  If you don’t have strong teeth that can be built up by eating dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and milk, your teeth become particularly sensitive.

“Those who are lactose-intolerant are also very much deficient in calcium and many crucial vitamins to ensure strong and healthy teeth.  If you are unable to have 3 servings of dairy products a day for whatever reason, it is imperative that you seek out some sort of calcium supplement to help replenish what your teeth are losing from lack of calcium. You can find several high quality supplements in your local pharmacy and swallow them as a pill.  You may also consider some calcium infused soy milk or yogurts, or even opt for a powder that you can mix in water or the juice of your choice.  Do not underestimate the importance of calcium and strong teeth.”

Eaten has advised those with sensitive teeth to talk to their doctors about various options to help them strengthen their enamels.  They may consider getting a veneer placed over their teeth. However, if that option is out of your budget, there are many other affordable options available.  You can purchase over-the-counter toothpastes from the pharmacy that are specially designed for people with extremely sensitive teeth.  Equally so, there are various mouth washes or rinses you can swish in your mouth each night that contain fluoride to help protect your teeth from over-sensitivity.

Sleeping Pills: Yay or Nay?

If you battle CFS like I do, or insomnia, there is no doubt in my mind that you have been curious about whether ot not you should take sleeping pills to help you hit the hay. It is a very tempting option. Imagine a world where you could just lay your head on a pillow and instantly fall asleep. Hey, I just thought.. pills.. pill.. pillow? Is there a reason? Should I just take the sleeping pills and finally be able to get a good night’s rest?

Well that might be the case for some people with insonmia but those who have cfs often DO get enough sleep and don’t have a problem falling asleep each night. The real problem is staying energetic and awake throughout the day. Taking sleeping pills for this reason might actually hinder progress because you will be more tired since the pills cause feelings of drowsiness after taking them. And feeling drowsy is ALREADY an issue for those suffering with cfs, we don’t need any extra help feeling tired!

Well then maybe you ask if there are any other health supplements that are natural and can help aid in feeling more invigorated or energized throughout the day. To that, I suggest taking skinny fiber pills because they not only help you lose weight, but they burn fat, boost metabolism causing you to have a surge or spike of energy to be able to complete regular tasks easily.  You may wonder how many pills you should take a day. We recommend taking 4 a day,at two different intervals. You should be taking the thirty minutes after the two biggest meals of the day which is usually lunch time and dinner time.  Take them before eating and always with two very big glasses of water.

It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day or you may even experience more fatigue than what you  normally do.  Water is the best source of liquid but you may also have herbal teas like green teas or coffee. Just make sure not to add anything extra to the coffee like sugar or cream because that will just add calorie content which will defeat the purpose of eating so healthy when you pack on more calories. The reason behind this is that the more calories you consume, the more weight you will gain if you go over the amount toy should have each day to maintain your body size and weight.

An average woman should have about 1500 calories a day to lose weight at a steady rate of 1-2 pounds a day. If you are obese already, you will need to consume less calories for greater and faster weight loss on a weekly basis. One thing is sure, if you want to lose weight, you cannot be suffering from cfs because you need energy to stick to a difficult diet and also energy to help you get through your workouts. More awesome weight loss tips can be found at skinnyfibernetwork which is a health and weight loss based website out of California. Working out and exercise are so important to weight loss because it helps build muscle. When you have more muscle, you burn more calories as your body requires more food for greater muscle mass.

How a Healthy Diet Can Help With CFS

There are many dietary changes you can make in your daily caloric intake in order to help fight off the side effects of chronic fatigue syndrome. Many people complain that one of the side effects of CFS is that they do not have enough energy to workout and exercise and as a result of this, they gain weight.

If you want to lose weight without exercising, you might consider ordering skinny fiber, or get reviews on skinny fiber pills for weight loss without extensive diet and exercise. Making dietary changes can however give you more energy than you have while dealing with chronic fatigue syndrome.


Dietary Changes You Can Make NOW To Help CFS

  • Avoid coffee and caffeine!  I know, this is a tough one and I’m sorry I had to mention it. I really am. I stopped drinking coffee for two days and felt like a zombie. It’s tough! Try switching to tea and your body will thank you for it. Say goodbye to jittery nerves and the inability to sleep and endless exhaustion
  • Invest in flax seeds or omega 3 oil capsules!   – Taking around a thousand mg of flaxseed oil can help your blood fluidity and any  joint or muscle issues.
  • Avoid junk food, opt for fresh fruits and vegetables! I know this is tough. NEVER go shopping when you are hungry. The first thing in your cart will be something heavy in sugar and carbs.  When I am “hungry”, the LAST thing I want is to eat an apple. I want something heavy, thick, crunchy carby and ready for me to eat NOW like a big fat chocolate bar.  But you can’t hope to get skinny or lose weight by taking those types of foods and eating them regularly.
  • Eat more LEAFY GREENS – This is the one thing I cannot stress enough, people just are not getting in their leafy green amounts.  And these types of vegetables are literally the best thing ever for your body. You can add these into your body in many ways, through having yummy green smoothies made of cucumber, spinach and kale mixed with some carrot and an apple to sweeten it up. It doesn’t have to be steamed kale each and every time. Mix it up and you will learn to enjoy what you are eating.

A wise person once said that you ARE what you eat, and this could not be more true. If you want to feel lethargic, go ahead and eat those foods that won’t provide you with GOOD energy to get through the day. If you want to be fat, go ahead and eat fatty foods full of carbs and sugar and watch your waistline grow each day. The fatter you get, the worse you feel. Remember that skinny fiber reviews could help you lose weight. I know many people will get hurt by hearing that, but I have truly never met an obese person who didn’t want to be slimmer, even if they said they were proud of being big. The fact is, clothes don’t fit, you sweat more in summer, (hello chaffing), are exhausted in the heat, and cannot perform simple routines as easily like walking up the stairs or going to the supermarket without huffing, puffing and panting.

Do yourself a favor, if you value yourself, if you value YOU, you will cut out the crap and do what you can to get skinny, lose weight, sleep more and live a better life even if you have CFS. You CAN do this and we are here to help.

Please leave below in the comment section some tips and tricks to help your fellow cfs survivors!

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Our site provides info about what exactly is CFS and how to deal with it.  Remember that many people are falsely diagnosed with having CFS so you must make sure that the doctor diagnoses you properly.

A patient, in order to qualify for having CFS, must suffer:

  • From having severe fatigue for periods of longer than six months, this includes severe exhaustion, being extremely tired and having lack of energy to do many things
      There are other side effects that can coexist with cfs which include loss of memory, having a sore throat, pains in the body including muscles and join pains. Swelling of the muscles or redness.  Pains in the head or aches, a lack or interruption of sleep and not being able to sleep peacefully for hours at a time each night, being exhausted after performing minor activities.


        If these symptoms persist, you kniw you have a problem.  Many people worry that CFS is contagious and this website will provide with you with the most extensive solutions and answers to your problems and concerns.

NOTE: We are not medical professionals but people who have friends or family that deal with CFS and one of us is a survivor and sufferer of having CFS.

If you are seeking serious information or diagnosis, please remember that you cannot self diagnose. Go to your doctor and explain to him or her your symptoms. You may suggest that you heard about Chronic Fatigue syndrome and that you are worried for your own health and that you may be susceptible to having it.  They will be able to better inform you on whether or not you have this type of problem.

It is a serious issue because many people will not believe you when you tell them you have it. People might think “Oh, he is just tired!” “You just need some sleep” but the fact of the matter is, CFS is a serious syndrome affecting millions of people each year.  Please consult your doctor for further information but feel free to read our testimonials here.